Courses offered

Pre Basic Course

Start your English learning journey with our beginner-friendly course, featuring daily video classes, three personal trainers, and daily calling activities for speaking practice.

Entry Level Course

Builds a strong foundation for students, transforming them from struggling with basic sentences to confidently writing essays and speaking fluently.

Secondary Level Course

Provides a stepping stone for students with basic knowledge to progress toward mastery, shedding their “intermediate” status.

Advanced Level Course

Strives for linguistic excellence, catering to those passionate about achieving near expertise in English and aspiring to become language divas and geniuses.

Speak Up Course

Refine your speaking skills in just 30 days with our course, suitable for all levels, offering personalized tutoring and interactive sessions for effective communication.

Spoken English

If you’ve studied in a non-English medium, consider STANDARD ENGLISH LANGUAGE TRAINING (SELT). Even if you’ve scored well in English, you may lack confidence in speaking and writing. SELT can help.

Grammar Classes

Join our Grammar Classes at English Cafe Program for Competitive Exams for proven success with preparation materials, classes, video lectures, and test series.

IELTS Training

IELTS Training prepares non-native English speakers for the standardized test assessing English language proficiency.

Interview Handling

Prepare thoroughly for interviews to boost confidence and success, especially for shy individuals—like exams, they require readiness for optimal performance.

Western English

Western American English, encompassing states like California, Nevada, and Colorado, unites the western half of the United States under a single dialect region.

Confidence Booster

Boost your confidence in English for important occasions with our Confidence Booster program led by experienced faculty, accelerating your journey to fluency and confident speaking.

TOEFL Coaching

Join our TOEFL Coaching program to excel in the standardized test for English-speaking university admissions and global academic and professional recognition.

OET Coaching

Prepare for the OET exam with our specialized coaching for healthcare professionals aiming to practice in English-speaking settings, owned by Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment Trust.

Tuition For English

Private tuition supplements formal education in India and other developing nations, increasingly becoming a significant force due to demand and market dynamics.